i hate beige 

I hate beige. It is the pinnacle of neutrality and the colour of apathy. It is the safe and predictable consumer choice. It offends no one. However, Project 2.2 suggested that Beige has some very sinister undertones. Beige was weaponised as a protective but also destructive force. An organisation and philosophy was developed in order to create a safer and more predictable society. I designed and wrote a book highlighting beige behaviour in the real world and examining what it means to live completely neutrally.

I hate Beige.

No one is offended by Beige. And yet Beige is offended by you.

Beige’s mission is to protect you from the subjective, changeable and divisive. They are taking over all aspects of your life in order to keep you “safe and secure.” Beige will be protecting and watching you.

The Beige Cooperation will try and beigify and neutralise you.

But you must reist.
Attend political rallies.
Use adjectives other than “nice” and “fine”.
And drink Tango Blasts.

Be engaged.
Be alive.
Be spirited.
Be spontaneous.
Be subjective.
Be exciting.

Don’t be Beige. 


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