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My Context Report/Dissertation focussed on the creation of a Welsh Secret Service. I explored the design and moral implications of various aspects of the world of espionage including identity creation, gadgets and escape plans. The report was fully designed, semi-encoded and perfectly bound.  

Introduction from the Report: 

In order to become a spy, the vast and growing clandestine world spies operate in will need to be examined. Peter Galison in his critical inquiry, ‘Removing Knowledge’ suggests that the classified world is much larger than the unclassified one. There may even be as many as “a trillion pages” of classified information in the system of secrecy. (3) For those who roam in the unclassified universe, there is so much that can never be known. For a designer/spy entering this world, there is a lot to investigate.


Plato teaches in ‘The Ring of Gyges’ that even naturally just people are corrupted when given the power of invisibility, the ability to be a “God among men.” (2) Therefore, this investigation into the classified world is undertaken as a matter of urgency. Over-classification and the concentration of clandestine power is a dangerous threat to democracy. In a population as large as the USA (327 million) only 999 people, 0.00003% of the population, can stamp a document ‘Top Secret’, the highest classification of secrecy. (3) The general public need a better understanding of this world, its actions, actors, spaces and behaviours in order to challenge this imbalance of power.


As a citizen of the world and, as a designer, it is a duty and a right to hold those in power accountable. This Contextual Report and Project aim to investigate the clandestine, classified universe by creating a Welsh Secret Service.  


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