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‘Territory’ was an exploration into humankind’s division of the physical world. Beginning with a focus on micronations such as Molossia and Sealand, it expanded to encompass many physical and metaphorical manifestations of territory. In the final intervention 60 yellow hemispheres were used to appropriate space and subtly expand territory.

Borders mark territory. They are the physically “walling in or walling out” (1) people. However, “the division is more than a physical boundary – it limits imagination and empathy and connection”. (2) It allows nations that are geographically very close but ideologically distant to “write their own version of history unchecked”. (3) There is even a “pressure to protect” (4) what is physically concrete and barbed wire but is in reality so much more. 

The final intervention was an attempt to subtly claim space and expand territory. It was also to see how the public would react to an encroachment on their kinesphere (5) and personal territories. Sixty yellow hemispheres were used to appropriate space. Yellow was chosen because of research into double yellow lines. These are a graphic form of territorial marking used by government. The two painted lines may be two dimensional and easily crossed but they appear more like three dimensional walls to those who know their meaning. The research collected from the experiments undertaken suggests people react very differently depending on the size and shape of the intervention. However, perhaps more interestingly the rebellious nature is stronger when in a group. 


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