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Wild Magazine


Wild Magazine was a result of a collaboration with Dr Gavin Broad from the Natural History Museum. Our aim was to reintroduce some imaginative speculation into the world of natural history. Our publication unearthed forgotten and untold narratives within the collections and encouraged visitors to explore lesser visited parts of the natural history museum. 

My last collaborative university project was set by the Natural History Museum. I worked with 4 other designers to reimagine the narratives of the museum by creating a gossip magazine called “Wild”. In order to write and design a complete magazine in a short timeframe we ran our studio in the style of a real-world magazine studio, where each member of the group had a clearly defined role. As the lead writer on the team, I authored many of the segments, particularly focusing on people strongly associated with the museum, such as Darwin. I  worked simultaneously across a variety of project areas, including site research, market research, product development and regular presentations to the client. To complete this large workload, I had to plan, organise and prioritise my work efficiently to ensure all tasks were completed on time. Towards the end of the project, I assisted other members of the team in editing their segments, as well as printing test copies of the edition. We were praised by university tutors and museum staff alike not just for our final product, but also our ability to work as a cohesive and high performing team. 


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